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As the owner or operator of an Ottawa small business, you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to get ahead of your competitors. You want to be the go-to business in your local community whenever someone wants to buy what you are selling. One of the best ways that you can get your business to be locally is Google My Business. This is a listing that small businesses can use so as to be found faster. What many business owners don’t know is that filling out and submitting your form is not enough; you have to get a thorough listing that has all your details.

Google My Business was designed to help users find businesses and learn about them at a glance. If you just post your name and address it is not enough. Make sure to fill out the whole form if you are going to take advantage of Google My Business. You can take pictures of your employees at work, patrons who come in to buy – it can be anything really so long as it provides information that could be useful to users when they are trying to find you.

Google My Business

There are other SEO tips that you can use to improve online sales:

•    Be careful when choosing an SEO agency. I have talked with the fellow at Green Genie SEO Ottawa( Sounds like a cleaner I know… but the guy knows his shit and is in the Toronto market where I reside) This is his website! And this is a Vimeo video by him entitled Oshawa SEO Expert. Oh… and don’t forget his Green Genie SEO Yelp page. There are many of them and when you interview them they will all claim that they are the best at what they do. The best way to narrow the list down is to ask for portfolios of every SEO company that you interview. Check whether they have worked with businesses like yours earlier and whether those businesses are well ranked locally. You can do further checking by contacting a few of the businesses in the portfolio – when you call, ask them if they were pleased with the results and whether they would hire the same agency again.


•    If an SEO company ( example locally says that they will give you ranking in a short time they are lying to you. Ranking in the search engines takes time, at best a few months. Be very clear that you don’t want them to use black hat methods – this can lead to Google getting rid of your website.

•    As as an SEO practitioner, remember that content is king. You have to develop content that is interesting and informative. Make sure that you change it on a regular basis – Google likes websites that have fresh content.

These tips should help you dominate local SEO.